Linkedofy helps you lands clients quickly and effectively. It enables you start reaching out to potential customers on Linkedin quickly, to drive more meetings, build a CRM from linkedin and do Email/SMS/Voice/Whatsapp marketing campaigns.Please check out videos and exhaustive features list on Getting Started section

What can I do with Linkedofy?

If you are an Agency or Provide Digital Marketing Services(SEO, Google Ads, Facebook Ads , Lead Generation etc) or have any other Product or Service to sell, you can use Linkedofy to:

  • Connect and Message potential clients on Linkedin: Connect, Invite and Broadcast to potential clients

  • Conversational Marketing: Automatically get more leads/conversions from your Linkedin Account. Find opportunities as your campaigns run on auto-pilot.

  • Linkedin and Beyond Marketing : Turn more conversations into active, valuable customers with targeted messaging on linkedin, email, sms, voice and whatspap push messages.

What sets Linkedofy apart?

Unlike a mix of disconnected solutions, Linkedofy brings everything you need to quickly land a client and build a long term network and relationships while you serve existing clients.

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