Linkedofy is the safest automation tool.

What makes Linkedofy Safe?

Linkedofy runs on your own computer - So it's your own IP address from which Linkedin is being accessed. This is the safest way to acces Linkedin.

In addition Linkedofy mimics real human behavior like dynamic time intervals between messages, waiting on message window, visiting profile, taking breaks, limiting number of messages/profile visits per day etc to ensure that it does not appear as a bot.

Some similar products/tools use Cloud based automation(non human behavior – pun intended) to further enhance the capacity of the tool, however we are strictly against doing that as it might jeopardize/block your account.

As Cloud based service may have an IP address different from you and maybe a shared IP which has hundreds of other Linkedin Accounts running automation


A IP address range used which could become blacklisted due to excessive hitting of Linkedin Servers, your activity might become suspicious and can get your account blocked.

Consider this analogy to understand running automation on your own computer vs Cloud

Is it safe for your car to be driven by you locally OR

Is it safe for your car to be driven by a stranger on a highway (In this scenario your "Linkedin account" is the Car and "Cloud" is the highway and any "Cloud based automation tool" is the stranger)

Choose your automation tool wisely!

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