There are ton of clients you can find for Linkedin lead generation.

To setup an account on Linkedofy for a client , Please follow these steps.

  1. Signup on Linkedofy using your OWN email so that the Linkedofy subscription is on your own email and ONLY you receive subscription emails.

  2. Once you have signed up go to Settings tab on Linkedofy and change the Primary Linkedin email to Your Client's. Hit "Save".

3. Now you are good to have Linkedofy running for your client - Only you receive the emails.

Setting Up Whitelabel

(If you have Whitelabel Plan or have whitelabel feature enabled)

Run Linkedofy on your own Agency domain and using own Agency logo. Your client ONLY see your Agency Website and your Agency logo.

  1. Create a CNAME on Godaddy or whatever domain provider you use. The example below shows CNAME settings for Agency domain -

  2. Choose "app" or "my" as the Name and "" as the Content.

3. Once you have whitelabel feature enabled on your Linkedofy account, You will see a White Label settings section(Image below) on Settings page.

Put the

app.{yourdomain} - if you chose "app" in the Name in step# 2 above


my.{yourdomain} - if you chose "my" in the Name in step#2 above

in the Domain Name field and Save.

Replace {yourdomain} with your own Agency domain.

4. Now you are good to share your Agency link with your customer -

https://app.{yourdomain} OR https://my.{yourdomain}

Replace {yourdomain} with your own Agency domain.

The login email and password will be same as you have set on Linkedofy.

Video instructions for whitelabel Linkedofy

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