The number of invites you can send per day on Linkedin is dependent on multiple factors.

  1. Number of connections you have on your Linkedin Account - The more connections you have, the more strength your Linkedin Account holds and more leverage you have in sending invites.

  2. The number of pending invitations you have - the less pending invites you have shows to Linkedin that you are not spamming people and so you get more leverage for sending invites.

  3. Sales Navigator - Although Linkedin doesn't claim any leverage for invites/day with Sales Navigator , It certainly makes a difference based on what we see with different clients/user accounts. It adds upto 10-30% leverage if you have Sales Navigator.

    Disclaimer: Since there are no published limits/day from Linkedin the factors stated are purely based on multiple years of experience with Linkedofy/Linkedin Prospecting.

In order to keep your Linkedin Account Safe - Linkedofy uses following limits based on number of connections you have on your Linkedin Account.

If you define a higher limit on Linkedofy settings - the following limits hold true.
Example - You have 75 connections on your Linkedin account and Linkedofy settings are set to send 50 invites/day , Linkedofy will only send 15 invites/day.

Connections on Linkedin

Invite Limits/Day

Less than 50


Greater than 50 and Less than 100


Greater than 100 and Less than 150


Greater than 150 and Less than 200


Greater than 200 and Less than 300


Greater than 300 and Less than 500


Greater than 500 and Less than 1000


Greater than 1000


*We revise these limits time to time based on our own experience.

So how many invites can I send everyday?

The short answer is you can send as many invites as you want as long as you don't see the following message!

Linkedin has introduced weekly limits - there is no fixed number and is dependent on factors stated in above section. As your connections increase on Linkedin , your profile strength will increase and so will your invite limits. 

You can know your limits with hit and trial - If you send 30 invites/day and do not see the message above, Increase your limit to 35 invites/day next week and so on.

Since Linkedofy takes care of these limits automatically, you don't need to fret - Just let Linkedofy take care of this!

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